It has been said that success and failure are part of our life, but not everyone can experience and digest them in their life.

When we look around us, we can easily uncover many such incidents that prove this to be true. Someone who lived a standard lifestyle must also feel uncomfortable.

The person who has everything ready on the table should know the meaning of effort.

One who always tastes success, must also feel the failure.

If this is not happening then there is a strong possibility of getting depressed in their life.

Incident 1-

Monal was a meritorious student. He always took first place in school and was surrounded by the admiration of parents, relatives, friends and teachers. By that time he joined the science stream and the burden of studies became unbearable. Somehow he passed the exam and got a good ranking.

Another step came when he had to choose a college and the journey began. He had trouble getting selected from any college, his parents kept worrying about his career, relatives kept asking about his future, friends who were not so good in studies, they started moving ahead in their life.

The whole picture changed.

People started trolling Monal, a meritorious student who always got the best from others.

As a result, he went into depression. He could not bear the failure and the taunts of the people.

Lesson – When you are leading a successful life, keep your feet on the ground. Work hard and sometimes it’s okay to taste failure because it can make you balanced. Never give up hope because life is beautiful and every sunset has a sunrise too.

Incident 2 –

Sheetal, a girl who lived a lavish lifestyle and decided to marry a wealthy partner. She had everything she always dreamed of – a house, a rich husband, money, cars, and all the luxuries. The wheel of karma turned upside down and her husband lost money, property and everything in gambling.

She had to live a life when she could barely cook a day’s worth of food. She didn’t know how to get out of this situation and started having panic attacks.

It becomes difficult for her to lead a life which she never even dreamed of.

Lesson – Luck may test you on a curvy path, so never be proud of yourself and your wealth. Shri Krishna said, “Do good deeds, and I will surely bless”.

Incident 3 –

A person must learn to be self-reliant – be it a man or a woman. Men and women are mirrors of each other and no one can ever fill this gap.

Jay was the darling child of his parents. His parents fulfilled all his dreams, handing over possessions and money, and his mother took care of all his work – from cooking meals to ironing his clothes, and organising his wardrobe to filling his bottle.

He married a working woman and was living far away from his hometown. It becomes difficult for him to support his wife in household chores.

The situation is that both keep quarrelling even over small things. They seemed unhappy with each other.

Lesson – It is important to be independent. A girl should learn to work with people outside the house and a boy should also learn to cook, bake and clean the house.


This is life when you have to fry under the sun before enjoying the air under the moon. The real joy of success is felt after hard efforts, so when you fail at any point in life, push aside all negative comments, believe in yourself, work on yourself and reach the breaking line.

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