Mindshelves – The name suggests its purpose. The basic idea behind this blog site is to address, discover and offer answers to all the burning questions that people may have about all the verticals.

How did MindShelves get started?

The author of this blog site – Bijal – loves to write whenever she gets some time or something worth writing. She chooses real life events in a story in a way that brings a positive message.

She believes that even if 0.001% of readers are inspired by writing or even if it can change their lives in a positive way, it is worth the effort.

When she shares her wish with her husband who is a website developer, he created a simple yet beautiful blog site for her. However, she did give her suggestions for how she wanted the whole concept to convey the message.

And, that’s how MindShelves begin.

What is an idea behind a personal blog site?

As Google has become our all-time favourite source for finding answers to every question, we think we can address a few of those questions through one blog site – MindShelves.

Life cannot always be stable, it has ups and downs, twists and turns and different situations. The law of life is that we are always surrounded by people in success, and there is no one to feel the taste of defeat.

We cover motivational stories, communication, personality development, inspirational talks, storytelling, digital marketing and poems in this blog site.

Mindshelves Blog Category Guide

Blog Category What it contains
Communication Communication skills are essential in every field. Not everyone is a born communicator, so we highlight the topics that cover communication skills and build confidence when speaking in public.
Personality Development Your posture and gesture can tell a lot more than you want others to notice about you. Positivity attracts positivity and vice versa. This section is meant to help readers mould their personality. 
Business Strategy No matter how powerful your business image is, no business can survive for long without a business strategy. Learn some power-packed business strategies; Maybe, it can be a table-turner for your business. 
Digital Marketing Online business is not just a trend, it is a necessity. When you take your business to the web, you will need a solid digital marketing plan to conquer the market and monetize it. 
Inspirational Talks Not all days are pink; Sometimes, we have to pass the toughest test. Be it studies, job, relationship, friendship, looking for something, depression, anxiety or any other thing, inspirational sayings can be your strength. 
Story Telling We never know how the actions around us can teach us something that no one else in life can teach us. We highlight the most recent and real life events with a hidden message.  


Last but not least, our poetry section is something special for us as we are evoking our deepest feelings in all our poems which can make you feel relatable, happy, connected, happy and void too.

What do we get in return?

This is a selfless effort, but we want our readers or random visitors to share the content with others. We never know who we are going to help with words because words can literally change any situation.

Every soul is a writer.

It’s all about the mindset.


Give some suggestions that we can incorporate in our writing. Basically, you’re not helping us, you’re helping yourself by identifying the questions you really want every time.

You can also post your blog or poems on MindShelves as a guest post author. We connect and welcome all writers and poets to our platform.