Whenever you are among friends, family, or any random crowd, do you feel left out? Do you find it difficult to even start conversations with people known or unknown, especially when communication is so important?
If you face it in your real life, you are in the category of “introvert”.
Yes guys, I can relate to your story.
At times, people paint you as cocky, dumb, conservative, moody, reserved, and whatnot; Just because you don’t find it easy to interact with people easily.
There is no need to panic or get discouraged by such incidents, you are perfect.
Here, I’m going to mention some of the challenges that most introverts (well, I’ll put myself as an “ambivert” which is a combination of introvert and extrovert), are facing.

Introvert personality traits
• You need someone to start a conversation
Starting a conversation or even exchanging a smile seems intimidating, so you may consider yourself an introvert. Every so often, you find yourself in the corner of a room, in your comfort zone, on a safe edge, when a room is full of people; This indicates that you are an introvert. Even so, you want to share whatever comes to your mind or have a high feeling to share your story, you can’t because of a deep fear (maybe, it’s judgement fear).
• You are the best when you are alone
It’s still hard for you to express ideas, share thoughts, represent your best self, show confidence, or perform in a high spirit and the same becomes easier when you try to do it alone. If this is what happens to you, then you fit in this personality.
• You don’t enjoy a group activity
You find it safer when you participate in an activity alone rather than as part of a group. You think you’re best when you do the same things individually rather than try it with other people.
• You feel tired after leaving the crowd
I would say that introverts hardly like to be around crowds and if they have to be around crowds for more hours, it seems tiring for them. Mainly, you enjoy solitude and feel best when you are around people you feel comfortable with. Introverts usually have small groups of people who are 3 to 4 friends with whom they can open up.

Interestingly, introverts are self-aware and about 25-40 per cent of people fall into this category.
• Avoid labelling yourself as an introvert
• The first and most common thing that introverts do is to constantly expose themselves as an introvert. The smart and suggested thing you should do is apply reverse psychology and recognise that you cannot be determined by any personality trait or any such definition. Always be in “work in progress” mode and be willing to come out of any certain terms. Let others label you as an introvert but you always try to beat their opinion and live life with confidence and smile.
• Try to push yourself
I know it’s hard to imagine myself as a cheerful person who easily mingles with everyone, but there’s nothing wrong with at least trying. Don’t take pity on yourself and stay in your comfort zone by assuming that you are different and you will not change for anyone. Although we do not suggest you change yourself or be an extrovert but try to mix with people a little because it will help you someday.
• Do not think much
Most introverts prove to be hyper-thinkers. They mostly spend time alone or with limited people, they give relatively more time to any subject than others. If you have a habit of over-analysing things or thinking too much about anything, then you should give your thoughts a break. Thinking too much is very unhealthy for your physical and mental health.
• Get out of the comfort zone
Find out your flaws or difficulties because introverts are the best self-analysts. Suppose, you find it difficult to communicate easily with people, try going out with a group of people and then taking the initiative to communicate with them. Why fear? No one is perfect in this world, everyone has flaws but the best thing is to accept yourself, overcome challenges and become the best version of yourself to shine like a star.
• Be proactive and creative
Instead of imagining a situation that doesn’t exist, it’s better to turn your thoughts into creative things. If you enjoy writing, cooking, painting or any other piece of art, then spend your free time in it. Keep yourself as active as you can so that you don’t have time to over-analyse yourself and feel hopeless on any given day.
• Burst the bubble of shame
Oh please, you’re not shy. People may have marked you as a shy person, but you find yourself to be the best speaker or expressionist when you are alone or among people who are less judgmental. If you ever feel like a shy person, practice building your confidence and coming out of the framework of shyness. If you want to achieve something amidst this competitive edge, it is important to come out of the shy personality and become confident.

Would you like to share your experience with us?
Many people would consider themselves to be introverted and there is nothing wrong with that. There are many famous personalities with similar characteristics, but they have achieved name, fame, wealth and respect. As for the end of the story, I’d suggest remaining confident whether you’re an introvert, an extrovert, or both – ambivert.
Confidence can definitely change the game.

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