It suddenly got me thinking about the man in the Cadbury 5 Star ad who didn’t help an old woman and inadvertently became a life-saver. They came up with excellent marketing ideas with a message that whatever happens, happens for good.

A story-time,

Once a king punished his faithful minister for theft. He imprisoned him for a certain period. The minister was innocent but was caught in the situation. He murmured that how can God be so cruel as he is working honestly in the kingdom, then why should he have to be punished like this.

He was very upset and was cursing his fate.

During that time some attackers attacked the state and they were looking for a person who is not handicapped or pierced in the state.

They created panic in the whole area and killed all those who were not pierced or handicapped in this area.

The jailed ministers fit the ranks of the attackers. But luckily, he was in jail and during that time they could not find him.

Had the king not punished him, the attackers would have killed him. It was a life-saving moment for that minister. He thanked the Lord, the king and said that – “Whatever happens, happens for good”.

Moral of the story 

Believe in God’s plan, he has some better plans. If something happens in your favour, it is good and if it is not happening, it is even better because God has something better for you.

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