A wise man once said that success touches the feet of a good communicator. It is believed that more people pay attention to how you speak than what you say. Basically, communication isn’t just about what words or sentences you use from your end, it’s how you convey your thoughts to the other person.

Let’s understand it in a philosophical way,

Kanan was a good-natured person, but she was ignored by most people due to her arrogant personality shade. One day, she met a saint and asked her why people could not understand her feelings and goodness.

The saint replied – “Be a good communicator instead of speaking whatever comes to your mind. Body language and facial expressions play an important role in portraying your image in one’s mind.”

  • Self-discovery is the most important exercise in understanding who you are and what your strengths and weaknesses are as a human being.
  • Practice meeting and greeting people with a warm smile because your gestures and posture tell a lot before you say anything.
  • Be authentic during the conversation and demonstrate your authenticity by making eye contact during the conversation.
  • Be balanced even in a sad situation because anger can block you visualize a lot of things in certain situations.

No matter, whether you are a student, worker, employee, housewife, politician, saint, or leader, communication plays an important role. After carefully considering some aspects, we have determined some of the most common traits that lie within a good communicator.

Take a look, 

  • They are good listeners

Communication is a two-way bridge, but a good communicator knows the right time to speak. They know the balance between speaking and listening. Many people believe that the world is not for introverts because they don’t talk much or they don’t want to be a part of any conversation.

Because the life of introverts is not easy. They keep fighting battles that no one knows about. If you are an introvert or want to know anything about them, read the challenges introverts face in their lives.

Communication Skill

On the other hand, not all extroverts are good communicators. As we said earlier, speaking or replying doesn’t make anyone a good communicator. They must have an inherent characteristic of listening to the other person with equal patience and interest.

In the end, it’s hard to say whether introverts, extroverts, or amphibians are good communicators. But, we can conclude that anyone with a balanced personality is a good communicator.

Self-practice – A balance between what, when, and how to speak is vital to being a good communicator. However, striking a balance between talking and listening will require self-awareness. Consider carefully how you interact with people and pay attention to your behavior for a week. Do you rarely speak during conversation? Or do you talk a lot? If you are in an authorized position in the workplace, you need to locate quiet employees and dominant people alike to receive input. Practice listening to others before you speak because listening to others first is a sign of a good communicator. 

  • Enable freedom of speech

No matter how much we support the “don’t judge” quote, we still judge people. Make sure you don’t make impulsive decisions that could make others feel angry or uncomfortable when speaking. The most important thing for you is to allow others to share their views and to listen objectively. If you are a responsible person, you need to make sure that each member feels comfortable while sharing their views. If we talk about work and consider you as a manager; If coworkers feel criticized every time they share something with you, they feel to keep quiet rather than highlight any issues.

Self-practice – Evaluate how you react to different ideas or suggestions. Do you stop them if you don’t like their suggestions? Do you value senior employees more than juniors or remain neutral? Do you seek input from others or make decisions yourself? Pay attention to your behavior and open windows to consider the input of others without bias or judgment.

  • They understand the importance of face-to-face communication

Timing is important. If your words are said at the wrong time they lose importance and if you pitch them at the right time they can take you over the top. Research suggests that face-to-face conversations have a more significant effect than audio or video calls. It is also said that the chances of misunderstandings and complications are high when you communicate via text or email.

When you communicate face-to-face with your team, this will help you connect with them. Another thing is that it will be much easier to understand one’s purpose, tone, and facial expressions when leading a conversation.

Self-practice – find out your own way of communicating with others; Do you prefer to text or email when communicating with them? However, if you work remotely, it’s tactile to communicate face-to-face, but you can schedule a video discussion to work on any matter. If you have questions or suggestions for someone you work with around you, it’s better to talk to them instead of using Skype or another messaging tool. Schedule a quick meetup instead of endless chatting whenever you need input from the team.


Bonus points – empathize with your co-workers or team members. Be sure to communicate with them more effectively and be a better listener. However, empathy does not mean feeling sorry for others, but understanding their situation and supporting them whenever they need it. Whenever you feel that someone is not in good form, you can ask them the reason and try to make them feel comfortable while working.

Again, body language can tell a lot about you. The way we hold ourselves has a huge impact on how others see us. Make sure to remain confident when communicating with others and for that, do your homework before meeting to them. Read personality development blogs to improve your personality and become a good communicator.

Keep reading to get more ideas on communication skills and how to climb the ladder of success in your personal and professional life.


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