Every time you say ‘yes’, when you really want to say ‘no’ it shows that you have to learn to say ‘no’ for a progressive life.

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Many of you can’t say ‘no’ at times when you really want to say it. Correct or not?

It’s not just about offices or schools, it’s what happens when you can’t say ‘no’ to your group of friends as well. At that point, you’ve made up your mind to say ‘no’ to your best friend, but couldn’t.

If this happens to you every time, then be careful.

If you don’t want to suffer more in life, it is necessary to follow the rule – KISS (Keep it Simple, Stupid).

What if you can’t say ‘no’ at the right time?

  • There is a possibility that you may become more frustrated with yourself or with someone who has nothing to do with your actions.
  • The condition may also lead you to experience anxiety issues or depression.
  • If you always say ‘yes’ to each and every task given to you, it may make you less productive or you may try shortcuts to complete bulk tasks in less time which may tarnish your image.

Who says saying ‘no’ is rude?????

You don’t need to think that the other person will be upset or that they might think of you as selfish. Your straightforwardness will never make you appear rude or hostile.

For once they may think it’s obnoxious, but after that, they’ll keep your boundary line in mind. There is nothing wrong with creating limits. You shouldn’t be bothered about saying no to others whenever it is necessary.

If you don’t say ‘no’, people keep taking advantage of your position every now and then. 

So, how to say ‘no’ without worrying about anything? 

Here, I’m going to mention a few ways to say ‘no’ without getting offended.

#1. No means No – Say it Straight

It is necessary to live an orderly life. Of course, we have many things to consider when we decide to say ‘no’ to anyone, be it our boss, co-worker, friend, relative, or some unknown person. You can’t just say ‘no’ to a person without apologising because you have some other work to do.

#2. Emotional ‘no’

Many people choose this way of saying no in an emotional way. You can assure them that you fully understand the situation but it is not possible at the moment to join the discussion by simply saying ‘no’ at the end.

#3. Say ‘no’ for some reason

When you practice saying ‘no’ for genuine reasons, it shows your honesty. You can say ‘no’ along with your reasons for stepping away from the responsibility of saying ‘yes’ to the plan.

#4. Say ‘No’ with a Future Commitment

You can tell them that you may not be available at this time because you have some other important things to take care of. And, if it is possible to postpone the plan you can suggest them for extension.

#5. With option ‘no’

 It can be easier to have someone else on your side and deal with the situation without feeling sorry.


It is always better to say ‘no’ at the right time than to get bogged down in workload. It’s up to you how you want to be treated. As much as you allow someone to cross an inch in the limit, you are allowing them to cross the same every time.

Value your time if you want others to value your time and efforts. See you again with more engaging and realistic blog posts about communication skills.

  1. Hi

    Thank you for sharing informative things. I am facing the same thing and I can’t say ‘no’ very easily.
    Sometimes, I can’t say ‘no’ to my colleagues because I am thinking that this person has helped me when I needed. Sometimes, I can’t say ‘no’ to my friends because I have nature of helping. Sometimes, I can’t say ‘no’ because people are emotional and manipulated.

    but as you mentioned, we have to think about ourselves first.

    Thanks again.

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