McDonald’s – An American-based fast food chain that opened as a restaurant in 1940 and was created as an ‘all-time-favourite’ food source for people.

Studies show that they serve more than 70 million customers every day!!!

70 million… can you imagine?

What is the secret to their success? How do they plan their business ideas or business strategies? What do they focus on? Who is their target audience? – You’ll have a lot of questions, we know. And, you will have the answers to all these questions in this guide.

Here, we will go with two proverbs – “Success can never happen overnight” and “Success has no shortcuts”.

In this guide, we’ll dig into some of the aspects of McDonald’s that have made them everyone’s favourite—no matter the age, gender, nationality, or food choice.

McDonald’s – Mindful Business Strategies

#1. Customer scope

They started with a broader vision. They didn’t have any specifications for the target customers, they started serving them all. Over time, they incorporated the likes, dislikes, opinions and feedback of customers to improve their quality and variations to satisfy different taste buds and customers. For example, they introduced McDonald’s Happy Meals to their menu list for kids and added vegan or vegetarian meals for vegetarians or allergens. They wanted to serve every customer who reached the door without any disappointment. They are moving ahead with a big outlook and growing steadily every day with their positive business strategy of “Think Big”.

#2. Quality

Whichever McDonald’s branch you go to for food, you’ll find the same quality and taste. They proved that consistency can take you to a place where inspiration cannot. They have also mentioned on their official website that their success is due to their commitment to the well-being of the customers. After carefully considering the health-conscious or diet-chart followers, they began to pay extra attention to ingredients and add appropriate meal plans that followed nutritional guidelines. They like to display the calories and fat in the food to ensure that customers can make better food choices. They study and put their customers’ needs and food quality on a priority list over anything.

#3. Available almost everywhere

South Korea is one area where you won’t find McDonald’s stores. Otherwise, the franchise is worldwide and is available in all the most visited and active locations in the city or town. They target places that can be easily tracked and have high traffic like shopping malls, theatres, nearby universities, etc. They also consider pedestrians and public transportation customers. They make sure to launch their franchise at a place from where visitors can easily travel by car or on foot. Most McDonald’s are open till late at night and some serve it 24/7 which is again a plus point.

#4. Pocket-friendly

The purpose was clear; They want customers to eat a complete meal at a low cost. Customers can have combo meal options to enjoy their food at an affordable cost which they can never get from any other food court. Basically, they come with a package of quality, quantity and affordability that every customer wants from a restaurant or food counter.


Some more points,

Their order delivery process is absolutely mind-blowing. They keep an order ready within the shortest possible time which minimises any chances of customer dissatisfaction. Their method of preparing food is simple and quick which any novice can follow and cook in a few days of training. They don’t need to spend their time hiring experienced cooks. Everything is working almost as planned in every McDonald’s branch.

Watch Dr. Vivek Bindra’s McDonald’s Youtube video to get more insight. 

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