In life, when no one stands for you, stand for yourself with pride

Beware of people who have the character of “Jekyll and Hyde”!

Chin up & don’t give a damn!

Stop judging yourself by anyone else’s point of view

Focus on painting your every day with the different strokes of hue

Glammed up & don’t give a damn!

Collect all your emotions, and fix your soul to become a strong version!

Stay sharp, steady, & sheen when the haters cast an “aspersion”

Lit up & don’t give a damn!

Not every happy face are your well-wishers!

Share the secrets wisely to deal with the backbiters!

Thumbs up & don’t give a damn!

Instead of judging people, build up on your older self!

Load some positive & creative thoughts into your mindshelves

Pump your soul up & don’t give a damn!



Bijal Shah

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