You must have noticed someone’s caption or story – “Beauty attracts the eye but personality captures the heart”. But what does it mean?

One sec… if you think personality is all about wearing branded clothes or chilling all the time, you are wrong, my friends!

Personality development is based on 5 pillars – (1). openness (2). straightness (3). Extraversion (4). Compatibility (5). neuroticism

Umm,… explaining, wait!

  • Openness

Openness means being honest or transparent with the world. Someone who does not hesitate while sharing his feelings. Someone who trusts and accepts their feelings openly. When one is not open to oneself or others, it can lead to conflicts in life. People like them are transparent with whom they can easily communicate without judgment.

  • Straightness

Put Yourself in a Frame – Would you like to talk to someone again if it’s complicated or has to be dealt with? Would you like to try very hard to understand what he is really saying? Would you like to run in a cycle of complexity? No. Then, why do you do this to others? Be straight; Clarify your boundaries so that others can easily understand you and your point of view. Such features can make you easier to deal with.

  • Extroversion

This is a personality trait that can be found in most extroverted people. Who can easily communicate with others and remain the center of attention throughout life. This means, they are more social, talkative, highly active, impulsive, and have a positive aura.

  • Compatibility

It is a personality trait that prioritises others over their own needs. They are more empathetic and find joy in helping others. Since many people believe that pleasing everyone is compatible, that is not true. People with such traits do not hold back to help others and compromise their own needs to keep others happy.

  • Neuroticism

Neuroticism can be thought of as mood swings, emotional imbalance, and sadness. Someone with high neuroticism experiences anxiety, mood swings, and low interest. Whereas people with less neuroticism are more balanced, well-mannered, and emotionally flexible.


Personality development can give you identity for eternity!!!

So, do your personality factors match the above traits? Did we miss anything? What are your weak points? Let us know and we’ll build our next blog on them. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy it.

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