They all say, “I’m a storyteller” or “I love storytelling,” but what exactly it is and why people love this type of content is the interesting part.

Storytelling is considered an art as people love stories, they connect with the concept, they prefer to hear things as a story rather than in a direct way, and it is the most effective way of conveying the message.

Overall to answer your question – what is storytelling,

Storytelling is the art of creative words and actions that uncover a concept or message in the form of interesting stories while stimulating the imagination of the audience.

Why do more and more people choose to tell stories?

You may have heard standup comedians, video creators, inspirational gurus, and even educators use storytelling to engage with audiences and let them engage with the message they want to pass through.

People really go crazy when they find something relatable, and so does storytelling.

It is such a creative take on the entire material that the listener will be excited to hear what happens next till the end of the story.

For example,

Love stories are an all-time favourite topic for teens. Now, storytellers will create content with a combination of words, ideas, humour, emotions and purposeful messaging to serve the purpose and make the listeners feel satisfied after each session with them.

Interesting? See how it works!

  • It interacts with the audience

Storytelling is about two-way communication that takes place between a storyteller and an audience. Right now I am the narrator and you are my listener. My purpose of starting this section is to let you know about storytelling in the form of real life events that may happen to me, be it through stories of others, through self made stories, or through any past events. I am taking help from examples to put my point in this guide. I like to observe people and their behaviour in different situations, so I collect materials to write about from anywhere. You can check out my LinkedIn profile and posts where I submit random thoughts and experiences whenever something hits me.

Well, audiences play an important role when you decide to tell a story (it’s not as easy as it sounds!) to get your stories to the right audience. Otherwise you will be disappointed. 

  • It really tells a story

You, as a listener, might be thinking that this is just a story for a time pass, but it leads you to some coherent message that you have never thought of.

Parents of toddlers usually practice storytelling to engage and feed their child in creative stories. Kapil Sharma, Bharti Singh and many other comedians choose to narrate the story to fulfil the purpose of grabbing the attention of their audience and making them laugh at the punchline.

All gurus and inspirational saints like Sadhguru, Shri Gyanavatsal Swami, Shri Morarji Desai, Shri Dwarkeshlalji, and many others connect with their devotees through storytelling.

  • It fulfils the purpose

It takes some interesting concepts, some humour and some story to connect the audience to the speaker or writer.

For example, I have to write something about my beloved country India to someone who is unknown to the country, how do I make the person interested in that?

I will definitely take help from proud and sacred stories of India so that one finds it interesting.

Conversely, if I answer the person with the geographical structure or location of India, they may not find it interactive.


Storytelling doesn’t mean creating random stories and starting publishing it on different channels. The story should have a message that makes the reader feel positive or worth reading.


Get ready to start your storytelling journey with MindShelves!

Storytelling is one of my favourite blog categories. I like to weave my touching moments into storytelling. I am sure you will enjoy this section, keep reading.

See you with the real story in the next blog.

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