From the time we start crawling till the end of life, we have to make a lot of decisions throughout the phase. Many decisions force us to pay off debts for a lifetime which can surely leave us disappointed for all the challenges that come in life.

Is this happening with you too? Is making stable decisions a big problem for you? Are you afraid of the result?

Do not worry. You are not alone, many people suffer from the same trauma as you. In this guide, we are sharing some simple yet easy-to-follow ideas to help you make wise decisions in all complex situations.

#1. Consider the big picture

The problem could be anything; It could be your personal affairs, professional complications, mental pressure, painful fear and anything else. If you find yourself surrounded by differing opinions or dramatic assumptions, you need to consider the bigger picture before jumping to any conclusions. Analyse the situation and note down the whole situation from different angles.

Take an example, Meera (a random name) is not sure about choosing the right career stream and her parents want her to become an engineer whereas, she wants to be a dancer.

What to do?

In such a situation, Meera has to find out everything before making a decision. She needs to discuss this with her parents. Without a doubt, her parents are concerned about her professional development and thus they want her to follow a safe career path. Before choosing dance as a career option, one should have the fear of being rejected or failing.

But apart from everything, it is also important to listen to your heart. Whether you fail or win with judgement, considering a Plan B is always a good move.

#2. Plan B is smartness    

I always talk about Plan B. Whenever it comes time to make a decision or when it comes to results, I always think both ways. Many of my friends scold me for not thinking negatively, and I always say that it’s not a bad idea to consider the negative side of a situation. You will be happy when a positive result comes but if something comes which you don’t want, then you will have another plan to come out of the situation. So, whenever you need to choose from several options, consider the pros and cons of each option to arrive at a conclusion.

Fear? Get rid of bubbles in your stomach.

#3. Flush out the fear

We are not saints, we all have different kinds of feelings which we cannot handle every time. Every day, we are met with fear – fear of rejection, fear of just missing out, fear of poverty, fear of loss, fear of…. many things. Dealing with fear is certainly not as easy as it seems. We read every day that many people commit suicide, some become thieves, some become psychopaths, some suffer from depression, some get stuck in anxiety issues, and what else can we add to the list – it’s endless.

Illiteracy breeds fear. To deal with your fear, you need to step out of your comfort zone.

Are you afraid that people will make fun of your attitude? Are you unhappy with the way you look? Do you have a stuttering problem? Have you lost the confidence to speak in the crowd?

Believe in yourself, work on yourself, strengthen yourself, read positive books, meet positive people, hang out with people who enhance your beauty instead of highlighting your flaws and take care of your heart apart from everything else. Wear confidence because where there is confidence, there is no place for fear.

#4. Confidence in a good practice 

They say “born with confidence”, but this is not always true. Priyanka Chopra is an inspiration to millions. She said in an interview that she was bullied for her skinny figure and dusky skin. She had to face under-confidence in her initial phase. But…but, how is she now? She is the epitome of beauty with a brain (I am overwhelmed by her witty answers to every question).

She always highlights that confidence is as important as oxygen to survive in this extremely competitive market.

But yes, there is a thin line between confidence and overconfidence that we should not forget. An overdose of anything is definitely dangerous so believe in yourself but never devalue anyone along the way.

#5. Make your decision

Once the decision is made, don’t think about other options and give your maximum to get a positive result from the current situation. Shri Krishna has taught the world that “the present situation is your dharma” and it is your duty to live with it. Always follow the path of Dharma and you will never be disappointed with the results.

Do you have any questions regarding this? If you have, you can email me at bjalsah03@gmail.com and connect. Thanks for reading. 

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